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In the era of information, traditional outreach methods have become obsolete, rendering them ineffective in addressing contemporary needs. To remain active and pertinent, both individuals and police organizations have recognized the necessity of maintaining their own outreach platforms. This is especially crucial in the context of policing, community engagement, and raising awareness against crimes, prioritizing safety, maintaining public order, and addressing the needs of vulnerable segments of society. Police organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging contemporary communication media to engage with citizens and respond rapidly to evolving feedback and pressing issues. Despite these efforts, a significant gap exists—a lack of a unified national platform that comprehensively encompasses the diverse roles, responsibilities, and aspects of policing undertaken by various law enforcement agencies. This gap can be effectively bridged by the National Police Board (NPB), given its expansive scope and mandate. The NPB is uniquely positioned to consolidate the efforts of different police organizations, facilitating a cohesive and coordinated approach to address the multifaceted challenges faced in modern policing. NPB, through establishment of MAU will ensure a more streamlined and effective response to the dynamic challenges of law enforcement.

Objectives of Mass Awareness Unit (MAU):

Functions of the Mass Awareness Unit (MAU):