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About National Police Bureau

NPB is a premier police institution at the national level and is administratively a part of Ministry of Interior, Pakistan. Established in 1977 as the Bureau for Police Research and Development, it was renamed as National Police Bureau in 2001. The Police Order of 2002, mandates the NPB to serve as a secretariat to the National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) and National Police Management Board (NPMB). In its later capacity, NPB acts as a national forum for all police organizations to provide policy inputs to the federal government on matters related to police and policing, law and order, internal security, and the rule of law.

Work on police reforms has been one of the inherent functions of the National Police Bureau (NPB). Subsequently, in 2021, NPB was tasked to implement recommendations of the Police Reforms Committee (PRC), constituted by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, in coordination with the provincial police. Substantial progress has already been made in the implementation of recommendations of the PRC, on Police Order, Criminal law Reforms, Urban Policing, Investigations, Public Complaints, Internal Accountability, and ADR.


Reshaping police into a professionally competent, operationally neutral and publically accountable service-delivery organization. .


Uphold global best practices in professional policing to bridge the gap between law enforcement and citizens, ensuring transparent collaboration and top-tier service delivery.