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It is a matter of great honor for me to head the National Police Bureau (NPB), a premier police institution at the national level. Police Order, 2002, mandates it to serve as a secretariat to the National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) and National Police Management Board (NPMB). In its later capacity, NPB acts as a national forum for all police organizations to provide policy inputs to the federal government on matters related to police, internal security, law & order, and policing. NPB also monitors crimes against women and children, maintains a database on crime in Pakistan including trafficking in person, and coordinates with all police organizations on matters related to crime, security, and law and order. Moreover, NPB assists police organizations on police development, standardization, computerization, internal accountability, forensics, communication, and equipment. Last but not least, NPB is a national point on international cooperation on police training and development. NPB carries out its mandated functions in a challenging environment with very limited resources. Despite these constraints, we are committed to leading and contributing to a more responsive, representative, progressive, and accountable police service in Pakistan.

We, in the NPB, take our mandate with all earnestness as we believe our work will have, sooner or later, a bearing on the quality of life and rights of citizens of this country. NPB is also cognizant of the fact that contemporary policing in the 21st Century has become highly demanding and complex due to rapid urbanization, communication technologies, arms proliferation, a high proportion of youth in the population, and a transformed socio-economic context. The changed societal context requires non-conventional and innovative approaches to policing and internal security. Only a well-trained, adequately resourced, and equipped police with strong internal accountability mechanisms can ensure the safety of life and property of the people of Pakistan. Police can win the trust of citizens it serves; only when it is seen as fair, upholder of the rule of law and due process, responsive to vulnerable sections, and compliant with human rights standards. National Police Bureau is playing a key role in reshaping police in Pakistan under a well-thought-out policy of the government, and in partnership with the Police Reforms Committee formed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, international organizations, and civil society. I sincerely appreciate the support from the government, national and provincial police chiefs towards this cause. I also extend my sincere compliments to former Director Generals and the present team of NPB for their dedication and commitment despite constraints. I would request viewers to provide us their feedback and inputs to add value to what we do.

Dr. Ehsan Sadiq