We are in the midst of unparalleled difficulties and untold sufferings; we have been through dark days of apprehension and anguish; but I can say with confidence that with courage and self-reliance and by the Grace of God we shall emerge triumphant.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah


Reshaping police into a professionally competent, operationally neutral and publicly accountable service-delivery organization.


Building standards for professional policing, and acting as a national think tank on issues relating to criminal justice reform, public safety and police information technology.


Policing has become a highly challenging and demanding job which requires adequately trained police personnel who posses the scientifically advanced knowledge and skills to ensure the safety of life and property of the people of Pakistan. I take pride in the fact that I am heading National Police Bureau which has been striving hard to build the capacity of police personnel across Pakistan. Thousands of police officers have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and the National Police Bureau will ensure that the sacrifices do not go waste; therefore, we have been doing our best to strengthen police in Pakistan through our reform initiatives focused mainly on capacity building, technical advancement and professionalism in order to combat crime and terrorism effectively. We pledge to continue our struggle for sustainable peace and security in Pakistan. My compliments to government for their support in capacity building efforts, police chiefs for confidence and support, and NPB officials for their dedication to strive for the mandated tasks. I earnestly solicit viewers to suggest and guide, enabling the bureau to add value to what they do.


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