The Ministry of Interior in 2008 initiated a project for procurement of scanners to check transportation of explosives into Islamabad in view of rising incidents of bomb blasts.

During a visit of President of Pakistan to the People’s Republic of China, an MOU was signed with NUCTECH Company Limited for provision of scanners. The project was financed through a Government of China concessional loan through EXIM Bank amounting to US $72.16625 million carrying two percent interest per annum on the principal amount, with a maturity period of twenty years including five years grace period. Subsequently, the Ministry of Interior signed a Purchase Contract with the NUCTECH Company China for purchase of twenty four scanners in June, 2009.

Accordingly, two scanners and two handheld detectors were imported in November, 2009 and handed over to ICT Police for installation in Islamabad. However, on 14th October 2011 one scanner was handed over to Sindh Rangers for installation at Karachi, while the other scanner was installed at Golra Toll Plaza, Islamabad. The remaining two scanners and three detectors were not imported due to reservations and operational hazards encountered and reported by ICT Police.