Message from the DG

dgnfsaPolicing is a science to counter crime, and in doing so it secure its masses. It is physical arm of the state to enforce law. It entails prioritizing citizen’s life over one’s own. It is recapped that thousands of police personnel have laid down their lives so we may live in peace. Policing is a virtuous yet a risky profession. Hence unabated cognition and contemplation is imperative for police organization’s to comprehend the evolving challenges, and recourse to catalyze its functioning.

I am glad I have been tasked to perform this noble task after years in police practical working, witnessing glamour, attainment and agonies of the feats. Heading the National Police Bureau the think tank of the police department is an honor and I am glad it is well on course through continuous link it has established with the other fourteen police organizations. Its endeavors to collate, coordinate and collaborate has yielded positive results besides concurrently synthesizing thoughts to attain organization optimum proficiency.

My compliments to government for their support in capacity building efforts, police chiefs for confidence and support, and NPB officials for their dedication to strive for the mandated tasks. I earnestly solicit viewers to suggest and guide, enabling the bureau to add value to what they do.