25th July 2008

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Press Release

Islamabad: July 25th, 2008: The 25th Meeting of National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) was held at the Committee Room “R” Block, Ministry of Interior under the Chairmanship of Mr. A. Rehman Malik Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior. It was attended by Members of NPSC, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Moinuddin Haider, Mr. Muhammad Abbas Khan, Dr. Sabiha Hassan Syed, Mrs. Sarkar Abbas and Mr. Tariq Khosa, DG National Police Bureau.

The following matters and decisions deserve attention of the media and public:

  1. The Advisor briefed the Commission on law & order situation particularly in NWFP and Balochistan. He told that government has successfully contained the activities of terrorists by lunching a policy of 3 Ds (dialogue, development & deterrence) and 3 Ps (prevent, protect, pursuit). He disclosed that suicide attacks have come to zero level in Punjab and Sindh and have been decreased by 80% in NWFP and that terrorist networks have been unearthed by arresting top militants. The operation in FATA has been carried out successfully and desired objectives have been achieved with the use of minimal force. There has been no collateral damage. He told that government is working rapidly to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agency.
  2. The Commission reviewed the draft National Policing Strategy and proposed that to insulate the recruitment in police from extraneous pressure a member of relevant public safety commission should be included in the recruitment process.
  3. The commission proposed that a comprehensive package of health and education facilities for the police officers should be included in the Welfare Package and be recommended to the Government.
  4. The Commission recommended that compensation package for shohodaa of police should be uniform in all provinces.
  5. The Commission decided to visit National Police Academy and other Provincial Police Training Institutions for reviewing the training facilities and recommending measures to improve the standard of training for capacity building of federal and provincial police services. It was also decided that Islamabad police would brief the Commission on steps taken to prevent incidents of terrorism.